Optimized standard solutions

BioSmile CoCr-base ASC

BioSmile CoCr-base laboratory cylinders are offered with BioSmile ASC - Angled Screw Channel offering the possibility of straightening the prosthetic axis up to 25 ° relative to the axis of the implant or abutment.

Straighten and define the ideal prosthetic axes

Realization of the model

Frame cast in cobalt chrome with the prosthetic-screwed axis straightening

The base machined in Chrome Cobalt makes it possible to perform a single or multiple trans-screwed restoration with a precise implant-framework connection.

Implants internal or external connection

Multi-unit abutments

The BioSmile CoCr-base cylinders are compatible with the main implant systems and come with 2 prosthetic screws, a standard screw and a yellow colored screw for an angulated screwing up to 25 °.
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