When custom-made becomes the standard

BioSmile Integration is a French-Swedish company strongly committed to the Research and Development mobilizes to set new standards in developing innovative high quality custom-made solutions for the well-being of the patient.

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Tailor-made, the BioSmile implant adapts to your patients.
Screw-retained prosthesis with prosthetic axis recovery up to 25 °.
Made in the Paris region.
Guaranteed solutions for life.

Quality, tailor-made solutions offered with BioSmile ASC

The demand for single and multiple screw-retained solutions is increasing rapidly due to the ease of long-term maintenance of prosthetic restorations. All screw-retained BioSmile Integration solutions are offered with BioSmile ASC - Angled Screw Channel offering the possibility of making a single or multiple screw-retained prosthesis with prosthetic axis recovery up to 25 °.

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