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When custom-made becomes the standard

BioSmile Integration is a French-Swedish company strongly committed to the Research and Development mobilizes to set new standards in developing innovative high quality custom-made solutions for the well-being of the patient.

…to improve the quality of life for more patients.

Production site in the Paris region

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High quality customized solutions featured with BioSmile ASC

The demand for single- and multi-unit screw-retained solutions is increasing rapidly due to the simplicity for long-term maintenance of the prosthetic restorations. All BioSmile Integration screw-retained solutions are offered with BioSmile ASC – Angled Screw Channel providing the option to individually position the screw access hole anywhere between 0° to 25° in relation to the axis of the implant or implant abutment.

«Anatomic obstacles are no longer a problem for a perfect prosthetic and aesthetic result»
Quality without compromise

Proven standard solutions

BioSmile Standard assortment
BioSmile Integration offers a complete panel of proven standard components offering an excellent quality-to-price ratio compatible with the main implant systems.

Uncompromised versatility

Optimized standard solutions

BioSmile CoCr-base™ ASC
Laboratory cylinders in Cobalt chrome allow the possibility for over-casting of non-precious alloys offering an aesthetic and economical solution for screw-retained single- and multi-unit prosthetic restorations.

BioSmile Ti-base™ ASC
Titanium interface abutments in titanium offer the possibility to realize single and multi-unit aesthetic screw-retained restorations in press-ceramics, zirconia or non-precious dental alloys.

BioSmile Invisi-base™ Ti ASC
An “invisible” titanium interface solution developed by BioSmile Integration specifically designed for multi-unit restorations in zirconia with high aesthetic requirement.

Fast growing demand

Customized solutions

BioSmile Custom Abutment™ ASC
Customized Titanium and Cobalt chrome abutments CAD/CAM produced using a new procedure developed and patented by BioSmile Integration.

BioSmile Custom Bridge™ ASC
Homothetic bridge- and bar-constructions in custom Cobalt chrome made in Sweden using a new patented 3d-metal printing method.

The best of Swedish osseointegration

Implant solutions

BioSmile Bio1™ CC Tapered
The implant is based on the original osseointegration concept documented by Professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark, featured with a proven tapered “Tapered” macro-design and internal conical “CC” connection.
Brånemark Integration BioHelix™ Respect
The new Fixture from Brånemark Integration Sweden AB

Biosmile Bio1 E-HEX™ 2021
BioSmile Integration…….

Biosmile Bio1 I-HEX™ 2021
BioSmile Integration…….

Digital technology for everyone

Digital CAD/CAM Solutions

EVE Custom Abutment Scanner™
The new digital scanner specially developed to meet the growing demand for customized abutments. The smallest and smartest dental 3d scanner in the world.

BioSmile Custom Abutment Mill BX4 ASC
The new dental cnc-machine specially designed for milling customized abutments from pre-mills in titanium and cobalt chrome equipped with the unique feature to mill angled screw-channels using the patented BioSmile Pre-milled™ ASC blanks.

Tailor-made solutions…Custom design

Custom Design solutions

BioSmile Custom Design Service
BioSmile Integration and partner Kullbergs Mikroteknik AB in Sweden has set up an international team of experts that can assist dental professionals in the design and production of tailor-made clinical and laboratory solutions.

BioSmile CustomZygo™
We offer a complete tailor-made zygomatic treatment concept. The implants are made-to-measure and come complete with all the components needed for the treatment, including the final BioSmile Custom Bridge™ ASC.


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Lifetime warranty

By choosing BioSmile Integration, you can be assured that prosthetic and implant solutions are reliable, safe and of high quality. That’s why all our components have a lifetime warranty.

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