Prothèses BioSmile

When Customized becomes the Standard.

Custom single-unit solutions

Abutments for single unit solutions are offered in Titanium for cemented PFM restorations or Cobalt chrome for screw-retained restorations offering the possibility to fire the ceramic veneering directly onto the abutment.

Custom multi-unit solutions

Screw-retained multi-unit solutions are offered in Cobalt chrome for restorations with both ceramic and acrylic veneering materials. Featured with the so-called ASC Angled Screw Channel makes it possibility to modify the the screw access angle at up to 25°. Cemented multi-unit PFM restorations can easily be realized on multiple custom single abutments in Titanium.

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ASC - Angled Screw Channel

All multi-unit screw-retained solutions in Cobalt chrome are offered with so-called ASC – Angle Screw Channel feature making it possible to angle the screw access channel at up to 25° from the axis of the Fixture or Multi-unit abutment.

The special Prosthetic screw and Screw-driver with Torx06 Ball grip offering the possibility to insert the screw in an angle of up to 25° from the axis of the Fixture or Multi-unit abutment.

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